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Practice Change Notification for A. Jay Burns MD

Dr. Jay Burns has submitted his formal resignation as Medical Director of EpiCentre and his last day is April 21, 2020. Until his recent resignation was submitted, he served as EpiCentre’s first and only Medical Director. As you may recall, Dr. Burns notified patients in December 2018 that as of July 1, 2019, he would limit surgery and focus heavily on non-surgical businesses, including EpiCentre. This occurred as planned, but it has recently become apparent that in order to pursue his true vision, this would be best done unencumbered by any partnership constraints.

Therefore Dr. Burns is excited to announce his new practice, ResurrectSkinMD! This will encompass his surgical practice, as well as allow him to focus on non-surgical passions. Dr. Burns will continue to perform laser resurfacing and narrowly focused surgeries on a limited basis.



“My goal is to be intimately involved in every aspect of your care. At my new skin care, laser and technology center, patients will have individualized plans, personally directed and approved by me, in order to achieve unique aesthetic goals. Each plan will be delivered with a level of service that feels like an “experience” rather than a transaction.”

Stephanie Holden, RN will be partnering with me in this endeavor. Most of you know Stephanie as EpiCentre’s original manager. She is known as a premier injector and cosmetic nurse in the industry and has worked alongside me for over 20 years.

During this time of global uncertainty, we are even further committed to our patients and team’s overall health and well-being. We are abiding by recommendations provided by the CDC and WHO and actively practicing social distancing for all non-emergency related concerns. Once we are counseled and feel it is safe to resume patient treatments, we look forward to providing you with your injectable needs. While our new office is under construction, Stephanie will treat patients at our convenient, temporary location in the Carrell Clinic building, 9301 N Central Expressway, Suite 551A, Dallas, TX, 75231. Once we feel it is safe to resume operations, you can contact Sefora at 214-823-1978 to arrange an appointment or also contact Stephanie directly at [email protected].

The permanent space for ResurrectSkinMD will include the newest and most state-of-the-art skin care and body contouring services in existence. Dr. Burns’ position as key advisor and researcher for several leading aesthetic companies, allows him to test and evaluate new technology in detail and in advance. He will remain firmly entrenched in the industry and will make sure his patients will continue to benefit from those relationships. As a patient, you will have access to the best technology at the best value, delivered by a team you can trust. Stephanie and Dr. Burns have hand-picked practitioners, nurses and aestheticians that they know very well. They were carefully chosen not only for their clinical excellence and experience, but more importantly for their character, compassion and dedication to service. They will wholeheartedly support and follow the principles Steph and Dr. Burns have been committed to our entire careers.

If you would like to become further informed on this new venture, please visit us at resurrectskinmd.com. Here, you will discover updates on our developments, current offerings, as well as research opportunities where you could receive free or paid treatments. Dr. Burns shares, “I am more excited about the future than at any point in my career and hope you will join us at ResurrectSkinMD: Bringing Skin to Life Through Science, Care and Compassion.

Executive Assistant: Sefora Belino
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 214-823-1978
New Permanent Location: 9301 N Central Expressway, Suite 465, Dallas, TX, 75231 214-823-1978