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Neck Lift – Platysmaplasty – Cosmetic Surgery for the Neck – Metro DFW/Dallas, TX

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About Neck Lift Surgery

If you would like to change the appearance of your "double chin," or "turkey neck" appearance, we invite you to have a consultation with our board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. A Jay Burns in Dallas, TX. He provides his patients, who are concerned with excessive skin on the neck or wrinkling at the neckline, with a neck lift procedure to ease the signs of aging on the neck. Dr. Burns can remove the excess fat and skin on your neck and tighten the underlying muscles and skin for a younger, slimmer appearance. He has developed his own technique for a neck lift that addresses the neck and jawline, which minimizes risk and downtime.

At Dr. A Jay Burns Cosmetic Surgery, you will consult one-on-one with Dr. Burns to discuss your specific aesthetic goals and desires. He will give you his honest opinion on what plastic surgery can do for your case, even if that means not doing a surgical procedure. After answering your questions and concerns, he will then recommend a treatment plan that is customized specifically for you.

Kybella® Injections

Dr. Burns also offers qualifying patients a nonsurgical option for those with a double-chin appearance – injections of Kybella. The injections are strategically placed on the neck to decrease the fat cells in the submental area without surgical liposuction. Kybella can slim a neck in one treatment session, but may require additional injection sessions for optimal results.

Ideal Candidates

Patients who are seeking neck lift surgery are generally those with visibly hanging skin. This loose skin can be caused by aging, a massive weight loss, or simple gravity. Whatever the reason, it creates an unflattering profile and can often only be corrected through skin tightening. If you are at a healthy weight, have lines and wrinkles along the neckline, sagging skin and excess folds or fat in the chin and neck area, a neck lift surgery may be recommended. If loose, hanging skin is not your issue, you may be a better candidate for neck liposuction, which is used to remove fat from the chin and neck area.

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Surgical Technique

During a neck lift procedure, general anesthesia is used. An incision is placed behind or in front of the ears, and another one may be placed under the chin. For patients who have pockets of fat that need to be removed, liposuction will first be performed to remove the fatty tissue. Next, any loose and sagging excess skin will be trimmed away and the remaining skin pulled until the desired shape and contour has been achieved. Sutures are used at the incision points, which generally produce small, light scars that cannot be seen due to their location. Injections may also be used to compliment the surgery, including Kybella, which is a nonsurgical fat reduction injection created specifically for the underside of the chin, as well as laser skin resurfacing to create a smooth, glowing surface appearance.

What to Expect

After your neck lift surgery, there will be bruising, swelling, and some discomfort, but these post-operative symptoms are temporary and will dissipate with each passing day. It’s important to rest for a couple of days and to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. During this period, you should refrain from wearing tight clothes or shirts that pull over your head. Button tops or loose clothing is ideal to prevent any discomfort or unnecessary stress to the surgical area. While it takes time to heal from a neck lift, you will notice dramatic results almost immediately following surgery. In fact, neck lifts have proven to be a cosmetic surgery that creates one of the most stunning improvements to an individual’s profile, shaving years off your appearance.

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You no longer have to hide or cover your neck with a scarf because neck lift surgery can restore the slim, youthful appearance you desire. If you are embarrassed by the folds, wrinkles, or loose skin on your neck, we are happy to help you achieve a smoother, younger neckline that you will love. Call or schedule an appointment online and learn more about our facial cosmetic and body contouring procedures.

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