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Hairline Brow Lift - Forehead Lift (Dallas, TX)

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About the Hairline Brow Lift

Dallas, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Burns, offers brow lift surgery for both men and women who seek a younger, softer look to the upper face. He uses the endoscopic brow lift technique on many patients, but some individuals, especially those with a longer than normal forehead or a forehead that rests higher on the face, can attain better results with the forehead brow lift. This is sometimes referred to as an anterior hairline (or pretrichial) lift. There are a couple of unique advantages in choosing this technique. First, by making the incision at the hairline, it protects the forehead from becoming further elongated because the brows are moved upward, which means the hairline stays the same if the patient chooses this result. If the patient desires to have the forehead shortened, this can also be accomplished using this technique as tissue is removed during surgery at the top of the forehead, which can shorten or change the shape of the forehead. During surgery, Dr. Burns simultaneously recreates the forehead line while lifting the brows by tightening the forehead tissue behind the scalp.

Endoscopic VS Hairline Lift

There are a number of brow lift techniques to consider when lifting the brows or altering the forehead. Dr. Burns will choose the best approach based on the patient's facial structure, the degree of skin sag, as well as the type of hairline the patient has.

The endoscopic approach uses smaller incisions, while the lift at the hairline is achieved with longer incisions (this is sometimes also called an "open" brow lift approach). Endoscopic brow lifts are generally used on patients who cannot have a hairline lift due to balding. This technique elevates and lifts the brows without removing any skin. The incisions are very small and placed behind the hairline, where an endoscope is inserted allowing Dr. Burns to see inside the forehead to gently raise the brows. It is a better approach for younger adults with minimal forehead drooping. 

Patients with a recessed hairline, a larger than normal hairline, thicker hair, and moderate to more severe wrinkling will benefit from the hairline approach because the incision is placed right at the hairline. Tissue and skin are removed, which allows a greater pull, or "lift", to the forehead. Once the incision heals, the hair will grow back hiding any signs of surgery. This technique is great for smoothing out deep forehead lines, severe wrinkling and sagging brows for an effective overall upper facial rejuvenation. 

What to Expect

The forehead brow lift is performed under general anesthesia inside of our plastic surgery surgical suite. The incisions are made along the hairline and generally extend from ear to ear, allowing Dr. Burns to remove excess skin and lift the forehead by tightening the underlying tissues. The procedure takes about 2 hours to complete and sutures are used to close the incision. Patients are sent home to recover after being monitored closely in our recovery area. The incisions are well concealed once healed and in most cases, the forehead is shortened. The results look natural without obvious signs of surgery. Most individuals need approximately 2 weeks to recover from this surgery. 


The results of a hairline brow lift reveal a smoother forehead. The skin will have significantly less wrinkles and sag and the patient will have a more rested, youthful appearance. Patients who desired to have a shorter forehead will see these results with this technique. In addition, the brows will be restored to a more lifted position. The results of a hairline brow lift can last for years. There is controversy as to which technique will last longer, the endoscopic approach or the hairline incision. Both techniques offer lasting results. The reason for choosing one over the other can be discussed in greater detail during your personal consultation with Dr. Burns. 

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Brow lifts are personally tailored for each of our patients depending on a number of factors. Dr. Burns will assess the brows and forehead and create a treatment plan that focuses on achieving the best results for your specific goals and facial structure. To learn more about the hairline brow lift, we invite you to call our Dallas, TX plastic surgery office to learn more. 

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