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Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

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The goal of any eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is to have a more youthful appearance to the eyelids, yet maintain an unoperated, natural look.

With a brow lift, Dr. Burns can subtly elevate a sagging brow and smooth out forehead wrinkles to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Dr. Jay Burns, offers brow lift surgery for both men and women who seek a younger, softer look to the upper face.

In an effort to make your face appear more youthful, we can rejuvenate the aged look of your jowls, sagging neck, and nasolabial fold with a facelift.

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, at our plastic surgery practice is a cosmetic procedure that changes the entire shape, symmetry, and length of the ears.

Dr. Burns has his own unique technique with a neck lift surgery to slim and tighten a neck and chin for a more defined profile and improved contour.

A breast augmentation (implant) surgery enhances breast size, improves symmetry, creates a youthful shape, and produces a natural, beautiful bustline.

If you have sagging breasts before having an augmentation, it may be necessary to also have a breast lift to tighten and elevate a dropping bustline.

When chest exercises are no longer enough to lift a sagging bustline, you can confide in Dr. Burns for a consultation to surgically lift your breasts.

Reduce the size of large breasts with a breast reduction surgery to alleviate heavy, pendulous breast, which are disproportionate to your body shape.

Male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia treatment, can remove abnormal breast tissue on your chest wall to create a more masculine appearance.

Dr. Burns is highly skilled at removing fat on the body or chin, creating a slimmer look with ultrasound-assisted and standard tumescent liposuction.

Abdominoplasty is performed to excise loose skin on the abdomen for men and women at or near their ideal body weight wanting to flatten their abs.

Our skin tightening after weight loss removes the excessive, lax skin on the body or face after a significant weight reduction of 100+ pounds or more.

Embrace your femininity with a mommy makeover if childbirth and nursing have impacted the shape and youthfulness of your breasts, buttocks, and tummy.

At Dr. A Jay Burns Cosmetic Surgery, you can change the shape of your inner and/or outer thighs with a surgical thigh lift for excessive skin removal.

Lose your "bat wings!" We offer a skin-tightening brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, to men and women with loose upper arm skin that won't go away.

Improve aging skin with laser skin resurfacing, which is an optimal approach in eliminating sun spots, skin damage, uneven tone, or coarse texture.

We can change the appearance of the submental area of your chin with a nonsurgical, injectable treatment called Kybella, which reduces a double chin.

CoolSculpting can safely and effectively freeze your fat cells for your body to break down and eliminate them naturally without surgery or downtime.

Dr. Burns offers face and/or body scar revision treatments, which can amend an unappealing scar through surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments.

IPL is effective in simultaneously treating a range of concerns such as broken capillaries, discoloration, age spots, sun damage, and mild rosacea.

Our Ulthera® technology provides a nonsurgical ultrasound-based skin tightening for our patients on the face, neck, and chest to firm their lax areas.

The HydraFacial MD is a noninvasive facial treatment that refreshes your skin by adding hydration and smoothing fine lines for younger-looking skin.

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