Before & After

Before & After : Laser Resurfacing

Case Study #1



Patient shown here is 1 year post full face laser resurfacing with Erbium.



Very difficult perioral wrinkles that have been irradicated 1 year post Erbium laser resurfacing. Not everyone can achieve total obliteration of wrinkles, but the best results that can be achieved are accomplished with Erbium ablative resurfacing in my hands.

Case Study #2



This attractive woman had full face Erbium laser resurfacing only. Her priority was the best result she could achieve. To her, the downtime was worth it.


Full face Erbium laser resurfacing is not meant to tighten primarily, but it does dramatically improve the quality of the skin.


Excellent improvement in skin quality. Note that the chronic “bronzing” of the skin seen with cumulative sun damage is reversed with Erbium laser resurfacing.

Case Study #3



Combination of face, neck, and brow lift with full face Erbium laser resurfacing giving facial rejuvenative harmony. Improvement is see in skin laxity, dynamic lines, and skin quality itself.



Improvement in wrinkles around the mouth adds greatly to the overall result of the face lift.

Case Study #4



Fractional CO2 resurfacing 6 months post treatment. This is an excellent result for this technique. Not everyone may achieve such a result . One can typically expect 50% of the results that can be achieved with standard Erbium laser resurfacing around the mouth, but the downtime is considerable less and recovery is easier.

Case Study #5



I have seen the best results with fractional CO2 resurfacing around the eyes. It improves the thin “crepe” like skin on the lower eyes and crow’s feet.

Case Study #6



This before and after photo is in national publications showing improvement in severely sun damaged neck and chest skin. Interestingly she only had 3 treatments with the outpatient Fraxel Re:store. It is a safe and effective treatment, but needs multiple treatments (ideally 4 to 5) for maximal effectiveness. 2 to 3 days of redness and some mild swelling is the downtime for each treatment.

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