Before & After

Before & After : Face Lift

Face Lift Case Study #1


Dramatic improvement can be seen in this patient. Face and neck lift improves the jaw line/jowl area, lessens the nasolabial fold (smile lines), and the neck. Brow and eyelid surgery smoothes lower lid bags and eliminates the forehead wrinkles.


Excellent improvement is seen in the neck and jawline here. The brow is raised, but we are careful to not raise the brow too high. When the face is lifted the cheek bones are restored to their natural highlights. It should be noted that her skin quality has also been improved with Erbium laser resurfacing.

Face Lift Case Study #2


A very dramatic but natural result is seen here in this young woman in her early 40’s. Her weight is the same. These results were achieved solely with face/neck/brow and eyelift. Younger patients with premature aging can sometimes achieve dramatic results, although the average age for a facelift is 50y/o.


Again, although dramatic, the result is natural. The patient was extremely pleased one year out from surgery. Please note that the patient’s weight Is the same pre and post procedure.


Face Lift Case Study #3


1 year result after face/neck/brow lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery. She had perioral Erbium laser resurfacing as well. The goal is natural restoration such as seen here.


Face/neck brow lifting eliminates the “tired look” and re-defines the jaw line. The neck contour is greatly improved.

Face Lift Case Study #4


A natural appearance is achieved by elevating the brow, but not overly so. Special attention was utilized to address these difficult and heavy lines along the marionette lines and lateral upper lip. The upper and lower eyelids were restored to complete the overall rejuvenation.

Face Lift Case Study #5 


The patient was extremely happy with the dramatic improvement of this very difficult neck. Face/neck/brow/eye lift.

Face Lift Case Study #6


Before and after photograph of a patient who underwent upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), as well as complete face and neck lift and brow lift. All the goals of the surgery were obtained. Natural Face lift goals are to 1) diminish the nasolabial “smile” crease, 2) diminish the jowling, and 3) improve the neck. All of these were done while maintaining the overall goal of a natural, un-operated on appearance.


With regard to the eyelid surgery, note the goal of diminishing the cheek/lower lid interface is achieved while maintaining the natural shape of the eye. The upper eyelid is cleaner, but does not look hollow. The brows have been moved to the appropriate position and the move is very subtle, also eliminating forehead lines and frown lines. All of these changes are also seen on the oblique view below.

Face Lift Case Study #7


Very difficult and challenging neck with excellent result in this gentlemen. A natural result is achieved.

Face Lift Case Study #8


Great improvement in the neck, jawline, and brow areas after face/neck/brow lifting.

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