Before & After

Before & After : Blepharoplasty

Case Study #1



Focus here is on the upper and lower eyelid procedure. (blepharoplasty). Note that the lower blepharoplasty diminishes the puffiness or “bags” under the eyes and also tightens the skin by simultaneously removing the excess skin during the procedure. The muscle is also tightened as well.

Case Study #2



Note that upper blepharoplasty removes the excess fullness from the upper eyelid and recreates an upper eyelid crease. A subtle, yet significant smoothing of the lower eyelid is noted with smoother skin and tightened muscle. No fat was removed as no bags were noted pre operatively. Individualized operative plans are carried out according to each patient’s needs.

Case Study #3



In males, brow lifts are rare due to balding or the potential for balding which would make the scar problematic. Therefore brow position is unchanged yet upper eyelid and lower eyelids are greatly improved restoring a much more youthful appearance and less tired look. The frown and forehead lines are not improved by design as a browlift was not done. Note eye shape is unchanged and patient was very pleased.

Case Study #4



Brow lift in conjunction with upper and lower eyelid cosmetic surgery gives a significant improvement as seen here. Note brow gives a refreshed look yet is not elevated too high. The upper eyelid procedure, lower eyelid procedure and brow lift all contribute to the improvement yet none are overdone….but when done in combination, the desired more youthful look is achieved.

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