Before & After

Before & After : Abdominoplasty

Case Study #1



Abdominoplasty achieves dramatic improvement in waistline, skin tightening, and abdominal protuberance. The protuberance of the abdomen is usually secondary to child birth and displacement of the abdominal muscles. The abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” tightens both skin and muscle. The transverse scar is will hidden in clothes and bathing suits but is unavoidable. One can note that this is usually done in conjunction with liposuction of the love handles as shown here. Such liposuction eliminates or reduces the fatty protuberances in the back and further add to the contour and smaller waist. Finally note the dramatic improvement and more youthful umbilicus (belly button). Such detail makes for an optimum result.

Case Study #2


Dramatic improvement in the mother with multiple children. No amount of exercise will deal with the laxity of the skin and the abdominal muscle separation. Once repaired with tummy tuck, as shown here, the patient was ecstatic. Tummy tucks are one of, if not the most popular procedures we perform. This woman could not only go to the beach in a bathing suit with confidence, she could easily wear a bikini, which was not considered an option pre operatively.

Case Study #3





In these patients abdominoplasty removed excess skin as well as prior surgical scarring as all of the skin from the mons to the belly button is removed in an an abdominoplasty. The scar is a reasonable trade off for most women when such dramatic results can be achieved.

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