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August 2013

August 7th, 2013

Dr. Burns’ Optimal Skin Care Regimen

To my patients,


I believe the quality of your skin may be the single biggest factor to maintaining a youthful appearance. There is no doubt that surgical correction is necessary to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation. However, optimizing the quality and health of your skin enhances surgical results and ensures that your skin appearance matches the overall post surgical rejuvenation appearance.

Many of you have asked me my “optimal skin care regimen”. Although there is no one regimen right for everyone, there are some basic features that I believe are valuable to almost everyone.


  • Sunscreen UVA/UVB
    • Everyone should utilize a sunscreen daily with Zinc oxide. It provides a full block to harmful rays
  • TNS Essential Serum (topical nouricell serum)
      • There is simply nothing like it on the market. The product contains TNS, which contains over 90 % of human epidermal growth factors that produce more youthful collagen within the dermis when applied.. Our practice was involved with the initial studies in proving its effectiveness many years ago. It stands as the #1 product in our office due to the science behind it, as well as extremely high patient satisfaction.
      • Although TNS can be purchased alone, the Essential serum contains peptides and powerful antioxidants that fight and block the harmful cancer causing “by- products “of UV rays.
  • Lytera
    • Our practice was involved firsthand in clinical trials that proved that this NON- HYDROQUINONE product was equal to the Obagi Nu derm gold standard for problematic dyschromia (brown spots and sun spots, blotchiness). It attacks all 4 melanin producing pathways. No other product currently can make that claim. It smooths out the color of the skin and gives it a youthful glow that adds greatly to the overall skin health and appearance.
  • Retinol Complex
    • Retin-A is a wonderful and effective product that causes skin cell turnover and more youthful skin, but is not tolerated by most patients due the intensity of the peeling and dryness it causes. Retinol Complex and Retinol Complex ES (extra strength) are excellent alternatives that produce similar results to Retin- A, but are much better tolerated.


There are many other products and services available, but these 4 products, offered only through medical offices serve as the foundation for any excellent skin care plan. Please see our skin care specialists at EpiCentre (214-887-1577) for more information. Feel free to set up a complimentary consultation appointment to determine an individualized treatment plan that is just for you.

Dr. Burns’ Optimal Skin Care Regimen