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April 2013

April 4th, 2013

What’s Dr. Burns up to right now…?

April 4-8th ASLMS meeting

  • Co-Chairman of a course given to participants at the meeting to discuss fat contouring technogies…technologies such as freezing, heating through Radiofrequency, focused Ultrasound, liposuction, laser liposuction, Cellulite treatment
  • Co chairman of “Fractional resurfacing luncheon”
  • participating on the Scientific Advisory Board of Cynosure…this participation allows me to contribute and stay on the forefront of new, exciting and promising technologies and advancement..this company is developing the first picosecond laser in the world for clinical use, treatment of cellulite, to mention a fe
  • participating on the SAB for Zeltiq (same as above) this company is focused on fat reduction through cold technology
  • speaker in the laser rejuvenation course
  • speaker on a panel on controversies in Cutaneous laser surgery
  • presenting scientific papers based on research I was involved in regarding Cellulite treatment, a novel freezing approach to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles as a way to paralyze facial muscles lines likes brow lines and frown lines,