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August 2012

August 21st, 2012

Questions & Answers with Dr. Burns

Q: Should I get a full tummy tuck or mini tuck?

A:  In general I believe muscle tightening is recommended if
there is muscle laxity usually due to pregnancy or massive weight fluctuations.
A full tummy tuck consists of muscle tightening and removal of all the skin below the belly button and creation of a new, more youthful belly button. 
If there is significant excess skin only, with some of this laxity above the belly button as well, then a skin only abdominoplasty is an option with creation of a new belly button (umbilicus) and no muscle tightening is needed. 
In rare cases, with a flat abdomen and very little loose skin located primarily below the umbilicus, can a mini- tuck be recommended. Personally, I see very few patients who need this. 
Above all else, I would not recommend muscle tightening limited to the area below the belly button. This almost always creates fullness above the belly button and an unsatisfactory result. 
In general, most women with multiple pregnancies need a full tummy tuck. No woman would prefer the scar or the discomfort of a full tummy tuck, but the bottom line is if you want the result, it is like most things in life, there is a price to pay for quality results. Please keep in mind that a full tummy tuck is common and met with very very high patient satisfaction. The flat youthful abdomen usually far outweighs the scars and temporary discomfort.