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December 2011

December 29th, 2011

Avoiding the filler confusion!

Cosmetic fillers are non -surgical treatments designed to reduce lines and wrinkles, restore symmetry and volume to recreate a smooth skin surface.  Aesthetic consumers have been inundated by multiple marketing campaigns touting the latest and greatest FDA approved filler. The question always arising is of course “which one is the BEST?!”

With many truly wonderful and unique fillers to choose from, even we as injectors find ourselves needing to take a step back and take a little extra time in our consults to analyze what would truly be best to meet the goals of our patients and then to educate accordingly.

We attempt to thoroughly address questions such as what filler produces the most success in various areas, cost, how long it will last, side effects, etc). All this while keeping the consult as simple as possible to avoid adding to the confusion and prevent everyone from feeling overwhelmed!

It used to be so easy!!

The Experts here felt it would be of great benefit to “briefly” introduce all the FDA approved fillers available at Dallas Medical Skin Solutions at EpiCentre Parklane.   All the fillers assist with wrinkle correction and add volume to the aging face. Some are better utilized to restore or enhance features such as lips while others are better for adding volume to cheeks, ocular areas and temples.

Let’s begin with Restylane and Perlane by Medicis Aesthetics.  Both products are made of hyaluronic acid, a product which mirrors naturally found substances in our bodies. Water is attracted to the molecule which increases in size and thus, we have volume. Both products have lidocaine mixed in to help decrease any discomfort. Perlane is built just like Restylane but a bigger more robust molecule.

Allergan Inc. are the makers of Juvederm XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.(  They too are hyaluronic acids but their recipe is just a little different than Restylane and Perlane.  Juvederm Ultra Plus is similar to Perlane as Juvederm XC is to Restylane. Juvederm XC tends to be a little softer and offers less swelling.

Next we introduce Radiesse by Mertz, Inc. Radiesse is a Calcium Hydroxyappetite which also has the ability to stimulate collagen. It is mixed with Lidocaine to reduce discomfort during the treatment and lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 months. It can be used in many areas of the face but it is not used in the lips. Radiesse is excellent for adding volume to the cheeks and deeper nasolabial folds.  (

During the last 5 years, a new category of volumizers has reached the US market creating a category known as Collagen Stimulators. Where the products previously discussed last anywhere from 8 to 12 months, collagen stimulators have the ability to stick around for 2 to 5 years!

The first to be discussed is Sculptra. Once only approved for AIDS facial wasting patients, it is now approved for cosmetic use for anyone in need of more volume in large areas of the face. Sculptra is a Poly L-Lactic Acid that stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce collagen giving the patient subtle volumizing over time. Patients typically need 3 to 4 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  It is very successful for restoring long lasting volume around temples, cheeks, jawline and oral commissures. Sculptra comes in vials that are mixed with sterile water and lidocaine and injected deeper than traditional dermal fillers resulting in less chance of bruising. (

The second collagen stimulator proving high patient satisfaction is Artefill. Artefill is composed of polymethylemethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres transported in a bovine collagen vehicle mixed with lidocaine to help with possible discomfort. Less than 0.5% of the population is allergic to bovine collagen but because of this the FDA requires a small skin test to be done prior to this procedure. PMMA has been used safely and successfully for decades in a variety of medical applications.  The microspheres provide a supportive foundation for collagen for long lasting wrinkle correction. Patients appreciate the beautiful, natural results produced around the nasolabial folds, mouth and under eye malar bags. (

Call today to set up a consultation with one of Dr. Burns’ nurse injectors, Laurie Grizzard R.N. or Stephanie Holden R.N.   They will listen to your concerns and help you decide what is best to meet your needs.  Injections are done thru Dr. Burns’ Dallas Medical Skin Solutions at EpiCentre Parklane.